Sunday, April 20, 2014

Long time, no see!

So it's been a while since I wrote... anything... Sorry about that. I have an upcoming plan to split off from this blog into two new blogs - one about my work in Web Accessibility, and one about cooking. This blog will remain more about my personal life and opinions; which likely will still involve a lot of the above mentioned topics.

To catch everyone up, since I haven't updated in FOREVER - I'm now working at a web development firm in Orlando. For a while, I was working as a Drupal developer, specializing in Web Accessibility (the art of making websites easily accessible for individuals with varying levels of ability). I even got to present a session on it at DrupalCamp, which was really cool. Now that I'm a PM, I don't really get to do much on the dev side of things anymore at work, so I've been tinkering in WA in my own time at home. Anyone in the special needs community that would be willing to give me some feedback or an interview on this topic will have my undivided attention.

The other thing I like to tinker around with is new recipes. Alex has been gently nudging me forever that I should really be writing my culinary experiments down somewhere, since they're (usually) good and fairly original. So eventually there should also be some new recipes floating around the internet, too.