Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back on Track

After a harrowing few weeks, it feels like things are returning to normal.

I finally received the good news I'd been hoping for from Tarpon High - the run is back on, and scheduled for 4/25, with the promise of that date being rock solid. 

I contacted the sources that be, and updated the date in the publications - so now we should be doing well. 

Aside from directing the SMA 5k, life has been busy.  After the three weeks left in this current semester and the 4 classes I'm taking over the summer, I should be ready to begin my capstone course and graduate. Yikes. To tell you a little secret, I still feel completely unprepared for the real world, degree or no degree. Fortunately, I plan to work for myself, which has pretty good job security. That is, unless I decide to work as a sales rep for a company like DynaVox... but honestly, I don't see anything like that happening. I don't want to harness my creativity to appease the big company that owns me, and I'm suspicious that any corporate profession would be a lot of me doing just that. I also don't have any interest in pushing a user towards a device that isn't necessarily the best fit from him or her to make it line up with the logo embroidered on my shirt. I might not be built for corporate life in the AT field.

I'm also lightly contemplating getting a Master's degree. My gut tells me that I want more higher education, but my fear of getting deep into debt on student loans is whispering that maybe something like that should wait. But if I wait, will I ever do it? Once I have a full-time job and (hopefully) kids, will I be willing or able to go back to school for another two years? I don't know. I'm tempted to apply and see if I get in, as food for thought. If I know which doors are open, I might explore which ones I want to walk through. 

I apologize for the rambling nature of this post. I'm trying to keep myself from falling into the absentee-blogger abyss, and mostly school has been most of my thoughts. Busy, busy, busy.


  1. Congratulations!! Grad school is a great idea was my daughter's stepping stone. BTW, Dynavox is good, Tobii is great.....IMHO

  2. Thank you! I appreciate the advice. I'll have to check and see if Tobii has an office location around here. :)