Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paging the Biology Dept...

It's day three of my seven budgeted days to locate a venue, and I'm starting to get a little nervous about if I'm going to be able to find one in time. Now that I’ve learned the protocol for school events, I wrote one of my favorite teachers from high school an email gently laced with some truthful flattery asking if she wants to get on board with the project. Asking her feels like a step in the right direction – she is the teacher that initially inspired me to explore genetic conditions in the first place. In my senior year, she assigned Angelman Syndrome to me for my term project, doing the research for which sparked my initial interest in the genetically and developmentally diverse population. 

If she is willing to be the staff sponsor, we can submit a request for an event to the Principal. I will be so excited if this project ends up taking place at my beloved high school. I LOVED my time at Tarpon Springs High School, and everyone who knows me knows it. To this day, my Palm Harbor Hurricanes alumni boyfriend will tease me and say, “Spongers Suck!” to get a rise out of me, because he knows I’ll defend TSHS to the death. 

Of course, it’s a big favor to ask, and I’m not going to get too excited yet. Just because we share an interest in genetic conditions doesn’t mean that she owes a student from six years ago a whopper of a favor – but I’m letting myself hope that she will agree.


  1. At first, cajole, entice, beg, use friendships for good causes, and do whatever nice manipulative things you must in order to make your very worthwhile project real. If that doesn't work, curse, use guilt and employ every other wile at available. Machiavelli was on target in this case..when doing a good project, like yours, "The end does justify the means." Hope it works out...

    1. Thanks, Phil. I'm ready to wheedle, beg, or fight for this, but I'm hoping to get it done with dignity. :)