Friday, February 24, 2012

Speed Bump

So I hit a teensy-weensy little snag with the SMA run for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation happening on March 18th. It's still on, but probably not on March 18th like we requested. Although Ms. AwesomeTeacher was able to get the event approved by the school board and the date approved by the principal, she informed me yesterday that the true struggle was to get a plant operations manager down there with his nifty set of keys on a Sunday, one of his two prized days off of the week.  

 Long story short: he really, really, really doesn't want to (which I 100% understand), and rather than try to cajole and coerce someone out of a day off that they aren't willing to sacrifice, we're moving the date to after school on a school day. Hooray for simple solutions. 

Although it's discouraging to postpone this further with more bureaucracy, this honestly may be a blessing in disguise. It stands to reason that, like the POM with the gate keys, the students may also be more likely to participate in an event like this after school when they are already there, rather than waking up on a weekend to go do it. If they see their friends on the field taking part, chances are good that they will join in. So I'm hoping that God is steering this event in the most successful direction it can take, and that's why we hit a bump. So far, that's all the new information I have. We've cast our net into the pond of "available dates for after-school activities involving the monopolization the track", and we're waiting to see what we pull out. Fingers crossed, please! :)

PS. While we're finger-crossing, can I be totally selfish for a second and ask that we cross fingers for the speedy processing of my FAFSA paperwork as well? Some Financial Aid would really be handy right about now, since my tuition is due on the 6th of next month.
Looks like that finger-crossing worked! About 30 seconds after I wrote this, I got an email saying my FAFSA went through and my aid for school is coming in 3-5 days. Praise be to the Lord. :)


  1. I guess finger crossing works...I often simply put it in the hands of the universe and the source comes through. Glad that your fund raising project is still a go...I will also throw that to the universe for a complete success...I'm not usually let wishes

  2. Thanks, Phil. I still haven't heard anything back... these things take time, I suppose- which is super difficult for me, because I'm sooo impatient and I want to make this happen like NOW.