Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sticky Note

I know, I know. I already updated today. I also know that my current project is still in the works, so there's no way I should be thinking about another one yet, right? But this idea came and smacked me in the face today, and I want to write it down before it falls out of my head and gets swirled away by the day-to-day. It feels like putting ideas to pen seems to be the best way to make sure they eventually happen, so here we go.

I was scouring the web for information about the next Fallout game after New Vegas, because as you know, us techies love our video games. I didn't find out a confirmed date for the particular game I'm jonesing for, but I did find the greatest idea ever on No Mutants Allowed here.

If you don't want to click over, the idea is essentially that a group of teens have decided to band together for a 60 hour Fallout 3 marathon in which they will beat the entire game (which is quite an undertaking), with the profits going to purchase entertainment systems in children's hospitals.

I went on the website, and it looks like they aren't quite finished putting it together yet, but it looks like a really cool idea. And because it looks like such a cool idea, it started a chain of thought in my head that brought me to an idea I liked for a future event (full nod to these gentlemen included): 

'Kill for the Kids'

Since I have a feeling that there's a large target pool of participators who are willing to sit down and play their choice video game for a few hours for charity rather than get up and run, I want to next put together a more 'passive' marathon. The edgy name begs a question and immediately inserts a plug, coined by my very clever love. Sales is a career that will serve him well. But, I digress, the idea is this:

Rather than playing through an entire game, my idea is to put together a Call of Duty ‘race’ where ‘runners’ are sponsored by how many points they are able to accumulate in a certain period of time. There would be some sort of fun prize for the winner, and since people are competing and are sponsored by score, chances are a lot of funds would be raised.

I'm not sure what the political back-and-forth on playing a violent game for a children's charity will be, so I've decided to withhold the name of the charity for which I want to do this until I'm sure it's alright to do so. But for now - there's an idea with a paperweight on it. I won't have time to work on it until the SMA run is over and done, because that needs my full attention at the moment, but it's under that paperweight waiting... and at the moment, that's enough for me. :)

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