Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Venue Secured!

Just a short little blurb of an update today, but that's okay because this teeny post has some big news: we have a venue! I got the email this morning, which sent me into a little celebratory dance all around my living room. Ms. AwesomeTeacher dropped me a line saying that she had gotten the approval for the event, which means the SMA 5k now officially has a wheelchair-accessible venue - Tarpon Springs High School. I'm so outrageously thrilled about things coming together so well, and so thankful for the good fortune of finding a wonderful setting for the event at no cost, and getting to work on this project with someone whom I admire and enjoy the company of. 

I also exchanged a few words via email with Victoria Strong of the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. She was so kind, and she was more than generous with her time and image files. I'm looking forward to contributing what can be raised to the work that they are doing. 


  1. What more is there to say....congratulations and wishes for great success11

    1. For some reason, I can't comment in the regular format so I went this route ... sorry Phil.

      First, Helena, thank you for your sweet comment on my last post on our wonder girl.. truly appreciated.

      Second, a few commonalities, you and I, just in your last 2 posts.First,the Strongs, at GSF. Bill and Victoria and their precious little Gwendolyn, are our dear and beautiful friends. They live just 40 minutes from us and well, we just love them. Dearly.Besides being inspiring human beings, they have been instrumental in the success we have had in our Mission iPossible venture. Their support has meant the world to me.

      Second, Randal Terry ... do not get me started. I was born and raised and lived in Binghamton for 25 years, his hometown and the where Operation Rescue began. I have a story to share one day,of the obscene tactics and lengths he has gone to and one specific day,in the beginning year of his crusade, where I was changed irreversibly. Flash forward 20 plus years .... Let me say, as a mother, with a 22 week beautiful life growing inside me, with a detected heart defect in her beautiful imperfect body, I was asked, 'What I wanted to do and that I only had 2 weeks to decide." ... 5 years later, I have watched that life, the one you commented on, live despite percentages and prognoses. I would never end a life.For any reason, but Randal Terry and his ways, I will NEVER support. EVER.

      Looking forward to coming back and keep up with life here in your little corner of this world.

    2. Heather,

      I have actually read your entire blog cover to cover. I love reading about little Zoey and seeing her accomplishments! She is such an AMAZING little girl, and you are very blessed (as I'm sure you already know). It seems you absolutely made the right choice when you were asked 'what you wanted to do'. Your little girl is an inspiration to us all on how to live life and truly love.